Play With Your Food!

If you have a great mom like me you’ve heard the words, “Don’t play with your food!” more than once. In fact as time has marched on I’ve become the one reciting those famous words.

I remember my mom trying her best to get me to at least watch her cook. She probably knew there was no hope of getting me to slow down long enough to actually cook, but I remember as I was approaching the end of high school her telling me that I would need to know how to cook. My response was, “I’m good, Publix has a frozen food section.” With of course the teenage eye roll.

And to be honest the frozen food section at the supermarket did come in handy for a long time. Once I got married I graduated from frozen foods to packaged foods. Nope, no more frozen pizza for us we are moving up to Hamburger Helper. Nothing says home cooking like a box of Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff. 🙂

And let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to impress toddlers. My kids thought anything with “cheese sauce” on it was delicious. A box of mac and cheese makes me a kitchen god around these parts.

Several years ago though I started moving toward a Clean Eating diet. Not so much diet and it was a new way of eating. I know they are supposed to be the same thing but really they are not. Diet just sounds negative. It immediately makes me wonder what I’ll have to give up. But Clean Eating or eating real foods is really quite the opposite. I eat all the time. I have a snack on me at all times. And my body is loving me back because of it. It’s happy and I’m happy.

In addition to loving the food, I cannot express to you how much I love to cook now. Cooking with ingredients that come in little pouches is not exactly adventurous. However, cooking with real, fresh, sometimes stuff I’ve grown myself, is a blast. It brings in all of your senses. I love to chop up all the onion, garlic, basil, you name it and have the aroma hit my nose. In fact, I rome my kitchen smelling things constantly. Add a little music that reminds me of the beach, a glass of wine and this cook is happy! I love being in my kitchen.

So I’m trying to make two points.

  1. If this simple girl can go from Frozen Food Queen to Fresh Food Fanatic anyone can.
  2. It takes time. I did not learn to love cooking overnight. It took time. You will have to learn new things but look at it as part of the adventure of life. Not only is it great for the body it works wonders for your brain. Your senses will be taken on a little trip every time you cook and your brain will get some exercise learning something new.

I still love a night out. In fact I had something planned for dinner last night but when baseball practice ran until 7:35 I knew I was not cooking. Plan B was kicked into action. In fact plan BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) was kicked into action. It was yummy. And I can’t believe I am saying this but I really am beginning to like eating my own cooking over most restaurants. It’s taken years but I’m getting better, healthier and the other day when someone told my husband how great he was looking (and he is) he told them it was my new cooking. He likes it…he really likes it! 🙂

So, your mission should you choose to accept it is to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! Have fun with it. Learn something new.

Your family, heart, waistline and brain will thank you.

Have a great week!

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