Pink Eggs and Scram

One of my usual “go to” breakfast items is what I call a Clean Out the Refrigerator Scramble. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Today’s scramble got a little adventurous.

My last CSA box showed up just a couple days before we left for vacation for a week. So when I returned home I had to do something quick with my veggies or I was going to lose them all. I wanted to eat them soon, just not all in one day. So I roasted some yellow squash and zucchini to get a few more days out of them. I also roasted some beets – that was a first for me.

So as I was pulling my ingredients for my scramble this morning I had yummy roasted veggies and beets. Guess what you get when you put beets in your eggs. Pink eggs! How cool is that? And the beets were great in my eggs. I really was a little worried that I was ruining my breakfast but I wasn’t, it was great.

This could be a cool mom trick for those of you with girls who love anything pink. It’s worth a try anyway.

I love when trying something new is so delish. A lot of my friends with CSA’s this summer are trying lots of new things. Way to go girls!


Ok, so I realize that the picture doesn’t do it justice but I was in a pickle. Get a steamy, not so clear, picture or eat.

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